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Lighten Up To Lift Heavier

Supplemental training is, in my opinion, one of the most often misused and misunderstood aspects of powerlifting. When I say “supplemental,” I’m talking about any movement that’s not a competition lift or a variation of the squat, bench, or deadlift — from glute-ham raises to pinky-up dumbbell...


Training by Feel

In Unf*ck Your Program, I explain how to incorporate autoregulation in your training — and how difficult that can be. It’s difficult regardless of your level of experience or strength. As you progress, though, autoregulation becomes essential to productive training, and to implement it...


The Evolution of the Coach-Athlete Relationship

Analysis, especially for advanced lifters, isn’t a solo project. Unfortunately, to get to the advanced level, you do need to do at least some analysis on your own. Otherwise, you’ll never really learn to listen to your body. So, as you progress, the role of your coach needs to progress as...


Should You Cut Weight?

I know quite a bit about cutting weight. To qualify for the US Open in 2017, I cut from 227 to 181 – in less than a week. At this past year’s US Open, I dropped from 214 to 193 and barely had to break a sweat. Multiple world-class lifters use my cutting protocols, and none of the athletes I...


Unf*ck Your Warmup

I’ve received a lot of requests for an “Unf*ck Your Warmup” addition to UYP, and I’m glad, because warming up is an extraordinarily important component of a good training plan. Warming up improves performance, reduces risk of injury, and it only takes a few minutes. In fact, warming up is so...


How Pro Lifters Really Train

This is an article is about how I train. Despite the title, and despite the fact that I use the term “we” a lot, it’s really based on my own experiences – although I’ve had enough conversations with other high-level lifters to know I’m not completely alone. I’ve been hesitant to write articles...